Saturday, July 2, 2011

An open letter to CEO David Ruebush and Tagvillage.

The following is a message that I posted on tagvillage's official Facebook group.

An open letter to CEO David Ruebush and

I'm sure that a lot of members of tagvillage were also members of Kooday. In the light of recent events with Kooday, promoting tagvillage to potential referrals is becoming increasingly hard. Because of similarities between tagvillage and Kooday (keyword buying/selling), many people assume that the same people are behind both of these sites. I always argue that tagvillage is going to be more than just a search engine. I tell people that there will be a rewarding social network, a Bazaar, and other things that we might not know about yet. However, my main selling point for tagvillage is its transparency. I direct people to tagvillage's whois site, where contact info and pictures of all members behind tagvillage are available. This brings me to the point of this message. I don't want my referrals to be blind believers that tagvillage is transparent. Heck, I myself am just now realizing that the only picture of the CEO Mr. Ruebush i ever saw was a small square headshot. I'm sure that many people have heard Mr. Ruebush's voice via skype or a direct phone call or whatever it may be. But a certain Mark Huntala character also made a lot of audio appearances..

This message is not an accusation. This message is a call for tagvillage to assure its members that tagvillage is not going to be another Kooday. Kooday always said that there were programmers behind the scenes, tirelessly slaving over every detail of their 'search engine'. But were there any programmers at all? Tagvillage also always tells us that they have staff members working at an office, developing all kinds of different things. Well then, on behalf of myself and all the other current tagvillagers/ex-koodays.. can we see you, Mr. Ruebush? Can we see your staff? Can we see the people who are working on making tagvillage into a brand that we are all excited about and want to be part of for years? Can we see you and your staff so that we know that our hard earned money and time are not being spent in vain like they were with Kooday? Can you, Mr. Ruebush, get together with your tagvillage staff in your tagvillage headquarters and smile for a quick picture that will put a lot of minds at ease? An image speaks a thousand words, but the only word I want running through my mind when I see that picture is 'trust'. When I see it, I want to tell myself "yes, i trust these people." Can we trust you, tagvillage?