Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SurveySavvy survey panel

I really like this one. I registered with SurveySavvy about a month ago and have been filling out surveys for them occasionally. They send out a good amount of surveys and it's not hard to qualify for them. Plus each one pays well. I haven't done a survey for them that was less than $2.00.

Just a few minutes ago, I requested my first payment from them:

So there's more money coming my way!

Another reason why I like SuperSavvy survey panel a lot is because of their referral system. You get money every time a person you referred completes a survey, as well as when your referral's referral completes a survey. So if you can manage to get a good number of active referrals, you'll be making money without even doing anything. Sounds good to me.

SuperSavvy is definitely a good one. You can sign up here.

PS: Don't forget to fill out your 'Portrait'. You will get more surveys that way.

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