Tuesday, November 9, 2010

BuzzBack product test

BuzzBack is a paid survey/product testing website that I registered on a while ago. I don't receive a lot of survey invitations from them, but when I do, they usually have incentives of around $2. Minimum payout amount is $15 and they pay through PayPal:

Along with surveys, BuzzBack also sends you invites for product tests. You get an e-mail with a brief survey to see if you qualify or not. If you do, you will be provided with further instructions. This pretty much means you get free stuff!

Well, today, I completed my first ever product test! It was pretty fun. I tested chewing gum. After I qualified for the product test on BuzzBack, I received a FedEx package with two packs of unmarked gum, along with instructions on what I had to do.

It was really easy. They asked me to just basically chew their gum for a week and then mail the empty packaging back to them in a pre-paid envelope:

The last part of the product test is an online survey that I should receive in mail any day. After that, whenever they receive my envelope, I will be rewarded with some money. Easy as that.

So BuzzBack is definitely worth a try. You can register here.

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