Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MyTesterJobs update

MyTesterJobs payment date was 2 days ago, and guess what? No payment received. Well, it would be hard to pay people without even getting their payment preferences, as I pointed out here.

However, there is a very notable update. Now, instead of the next payment date listed under your earnings table, there is "Payout Request" link. It all looks like this:

Notice how the minimum payout amount is $50.00! First of all, I've been on MyTesterJobs for about 2-3 months now, and I've only received 2 job offers. Secondly, their 'jobs' pay very little. How can anyone possibly expect to get to $50 at this rate? And even if someone managed to get to the minimum payout amount, do you think MyTesterJobs will actually pay? I'd be very skeptical.

And oh yeah, their Home page also has an update. MyTesterJobs is now trying to sell you a product, specifically an E-book about how you can "build a long-term profitable internet business":
"The complete package including all 3 Career Guides is worth more than US$ 300.00 but it is only US$ 24.90 for you as a Website Tester. With your purchase you automatically upgrade to Premium Level."

So is MyTesterJobs a scam? It's looking more and more like it. It seems like they just want to sell you E-books, be it their own or their "clients'", whose sites they send you to to 'test'. Don't waste your time with them.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Another week, another Kooday payment

As usual, Thursday was the pay out day on Kooday:

I have been slacking with the keyword trading lately, so my Profit Shares haven't gone up much. I am only just about to break into 30,000.

All else is going well with Kooday, though. Their web-crawlers are about 80% done with crawling and indexing the entire internet. This basically means that Kooday will have their own index, just like Google and all other big guys, and unlike other small search engines who just buy a license or the right to use other sites' databases. 

And that means that Kooday owns its own content.  These guys are serious about what they're doing.

Also, recently they announced that soon members will be able to customize their own reference pages. This is very good news because currently the ref pages of Kooday make it look like a really shady website, which I'm sure drives many people away from even trying Kooday out (see for yourself). If you register, however, you will get access to News and the FAQ, both of which aren't available to unregistered members. If you really want to know what's happening with Kooday, you have to read their news.
Don't know what Kooday is? You can find out more here.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

BuzzBack product test

BuzzBack is a paid survey/product testing website that I registered on a while ago. I don't receive a lot of survey invitations from them, but when I do, they usually have incentives of around $2. Minimum payout amount is $15 and they pay through PayPal:

Along with surveys, BuzzBack also sends you invites for product tests. You get an e-mail with a brief survey to see if you qualify or not. If you do, you will be provided with further instructions. This pretty much means you get free stuff!

Well, today, I completed my first ever product test! It was pretty fun. I tested chewing gum. After I qualified for the product test on BuzzBack, I received a FedEx package with two packs of unmarked gum, along with instructions on what I had to do.

It was really easy. They asked me to just basically chew their gum for a week and then mail the empty packaging back to them in a pre-paid envelope:

The last part of the product test is an online survey that I should receive in mail any day. After that, whenever they receive my envelope, I will be rewarded with some money. Easy as that.

So BuzzBack is definitely worth a try. You can register here.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Unite Trade down or gone?

This is interesting. If you go to the Unite Trade page right now, you'll be greeted with an Error message. This makes you wonder if they finally decided to pack things up and run off with the money? Or are they just switching servers, like they said they would yesterday? Literally less than a week ago, they upgraded their design to a more slick, polished version. It just wouldn't make sense to take the site down after investing money into making it look better. But who knows..

Let's wait a bit and see.