Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to make money with Kooday

As you may know, there is a new search engine launching very soon. It's called Kooday. What makes it different from other search engines, like Google/Yahoo/whatever, is its business model - users acquire Profit Share Credits (PFCs) by buying keywords. If you buy a word that no one owns (for $0.10), you get 1 PFC. If you buy a more expensive keyword, you get way more PFCs. Here is an image taken from Kooday's members' Home page:

One of the main goals for a user is to have a lot of PFCs, because they determine how much of Kooday's profits the user will get (just like in any business that lets people invest). One of the best strategies to do this is to buy a new keyword that no one owns and buy it from yourself over and over again until its value goes up to $19.xx (don't recall the exact amount of cents). This will get you 1075 PFCs. A lot of people use this strategy, including myself. It will take you $9.xx to build the word up to the $19.xx value (as opposed to actually spending $19.xx on a word valued at the same price).

When you get to 50,000 PFCs, you become a Gold Member. Gold Members make much more from PFCs. The next level after Gold is Diamond. As with Gold, PFC earnings increase. This image was taken from Kooday's FAQ page:

 Also, when the search engine launches and the advertisers will start coming in, they will want to link their site to a word that you own. In order to do that, they will have to pay you %50 of the keyword's value. So, for example, "Amazon" is valued at around $1,000 right now, so whoever owns it will get $500 from each person/company that will link their website to this keyword.

And here is my favorite part (and this is one of the most exciting things for members who joined Kooday before launch): on September 30th, Kooday will take a "Snapshot" of each users amount of PFCs. The amount that you have will determine your "Snapshot Bonus". Only for this "Snapshot Bonus", 1 PFC will equal $1.00. Kooday says its their way of rewarding the pre-launch users for their participation and for   building up the keyword directory (otherwise, Kooday would have to spend their own money to build it up).
So far I personally spent $199 on Kooday and I'm up to 7,000 PFCs, so my bonus will be at least $7,000. It's a shame that I didn't know of the "buy-from-yourself" strategy beforehand because then I would have more PFCs right now. If you manage to reach Gold or Diamond before the Snapshot Bonus is taken (which will take some time and work), your bonus will be ridiculous. If you want to know just how ridiculous, I covered that in one of the previous entries.

If you want to join, just click the banner:

PS: to participate, you need an AlertPay account (PayPal's main competitor, if you didn't know). You can register here.


  1. did you get that much money from google adsense

  2. Thanks for the email, I will look into Kooday. Money is no object to me, now that I have the power to get what I want.