Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MyTesterJobs update

MyTesterJobs payment date was 2 days ago, and guess what? No payment received. Well, it would be hard to pay people without even getting their payment preferences, as I pointed out here.

However, there is a very notable update. Now, instead of the next payment date listed under your earnings table, there is "Payout Request" link. It all looks like this:

Notice how the minimum payout amount is $50.00! First of all, I've been on MyTesterJobs for about 2-3 months now, and I've only received 2 job offers. Secondly, their 'jobs' pay very little. How can anyone possibly expect to get to $50 at this rate? And even if someone managed to get to the minimum payout amount, do you think MyTesterJobs will actually pay? I'd be very skeptical.

And oh yeah, their Home page also has an update. MyTesterJobs is now trying to sell you a product, specifically an E-book about how you can "build a long-term profitable internet business":
"The complete package including all 3 Career Guides is worth more than US$ 300.00 but it is only US$ 24.90 for you as a Website Tester. With your purchase you automatically upgrade to Premium Level."

So is MyTesterJobs a scam? It's looking more and more like it. It seems like they just want to sell you E-books, be it their own or their "clients'", whose sites they send you to to 'test'. Don't waste your time with them.


  1. Wow that's sad. Well, we cannot gain nothing if we don't take a risk. Good luck again.

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