Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Unite Trade down or gone?

This is interesting. If you go to the Unite Trade page right now, you'll be greeted with an Error message. This makes you wonder if they finally decided to pack things up and run off with the money? Or are they just switching servers, like they said they would yesterday? Literally less than a week ago, they upgraded their design to a more slick, polished version. It just wouldn't make sense to take the site down after investing money into making it look better. But who knows..

Let's wait a bit and see.


  1. Wow, you are lucky that you got the money you invested. HYIP's doesn't last long. Well here's the link of the discussion on EMS http://www.emoneyspace.com/forum/index.php/topic,102106.0.html. I heard that the admin will be refunding some or all of the money.

  2. Heh it's a shame that i re-invested all of the money. It's only $6 though, so not a big deal. Thank you for the link. It seems that people can get their money back through AlertPay, which is good news for me.

  3. @shimmi Ooh.... You reinvested your return. Well, you reinvested again because they showed that do pay. Good thing you used AlertPay though, the other payment processors would never hear you. Good luck and hope to see some more good updates on your blog.