Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kooday refund update: I finally got it

This actually happened about a month ago. Out of nowhere, a message appeared in my e-mail box. It was from AlertPay and it was regarding Kooday. Here is what it said:

Your request for a refund has been granted and you may access your account to see the credit. The credit that was applied to your account is the 12.67% of difference between the payments sent to and received from the seller.The credit you received is the 12.67% of same amount you lost when sending money to that specific seller. Please consider yourself fortunate as not all members will be able to get reimbursed due to the nature of such programs.
Please note for future reference when submitting a dispute you are only to submit once ticket per seller/issue. Opening multiple tickets only results in delays and may reflect negatively on your claim.

So how much did I get back you might ask?


That's a pretty small chunk of what I initially invested, but hey, there are people who lost thousands, so I can't really complain.

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