Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HYIP Refund: how I got (some of) my money back from a closed HYIP program.

Wow, this was unexpected.

I checked my e-mail box in the morning today and there was an e-mail from AlertPay (which is a payment processor much like PayPal). At first, I thought it was in relation to my refund request from Kooday. It turned out that it wasn't - it was actually concerning my refund request from UniteTrade which I filed a while ago and completely forgot about.

UniteTrade was a High Yield Investment Program (aka HYIP aka pyramid program aka scam) that I tried participating in just for the experience. It was a pretty popular HYIP program, but just like the rest of these programs, it was short-lived. When it closed down, I decided I'll try to get my money back, so I filed a dispute with AlertPay, which is the payment processor that I used to invest my $5 into UniteTrade. I wasn't really expecting anything to come out of it, so eventually I just forgot about the whole thing.

Well, today (months after I initially filed the dispute) I received an e-mail from AlertPay saying that my account was credited, or in other words, I got a refund. However, it was not a full refund. I only got back 13% of the amount that I initially invested. That's perfectly understandable - HIYPs always grab the money and run in the end, so to recover any money from them should be considered a triumph. There was a line in their e-mail that said exactly that:

"Please consider yourself fortunate as not all members will be able to get reimbursed due to the nature of such programs"

So big props to AlertPay for giving me my HYIP refund.

Stay away from HYIP programs, people. They're all schemes and scams. If you really want to earn money online, just use legit and trusted programs. You can check out my paid survey sites list and GPT sites list for some ideas.

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  1. I have been partially interested in HYIPs to make some money. But now after reading your post i will defenately stay away from them.
    Thank you for the info!