Friday, October 15, 2010

MyTesterJobs payment not received

So today is October 15, the day that MyTesterJobs listed as their first Pay Day. I logged into my account in hopes of finding some good news. To my (expected) disappointment, there was no news at all. Hell, they don't even have a News section on the site! The only thing that changed on the site since my last visit was the Pay Day date. Now, it's listed as November 15th:

I made those 24 cents from my first job for them, but so far it doesn't look like I'll be receiving any payment from MyTesterJobs. I don't really understand how they can set up a Pay Day without requesting any details about where the payment should be sent. They do present you with a solid list of payment types to choose from:

But that's where it stops. I selected Paypal, but no further information (like Paypal ID) was requested from me...

Their Twitter doesn't have any info on the Pay Day either. Ocotber 15 is not over yet, though. They still have 6 hours until midnight, but I am not expecting anything to happen.


  1. another scam it sounds like to me

  2. Yea, that's what it looks like. Shame..

  3. mytesterjobs.

    When your balance is US$50.00 or more you can send us an payout request
    at any time. Just click the link below and fill out the payout request form:

    Payout Request