Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tagvillage Review - it's Kooday + social networking

*Update* I just read the latest news on tagvillage and registrations will not be closed during soft launch. This means that you can go ahead and register if you'd like. Since they are keeping it invite-only for now, you can register through one of my links.

Ever wish you joined Kooday at the very beginning? Well, there is a new money-making project on the horizon, and it is going to be pretty similar to Kooday.

The name of this project is tagvillage. It is currently in pre-launch. However, soft-launch is only days (literally) away. Soft-launch is going be pretty much like a test phase during which the developers will get a chance to see at how functional the site is and take note of things that they might need to work on a bit more. New members will not be able to register during soft-launch. However, once the site is ready to launch, registrations will open once again. I don't know if they are going to be by invitation only (like in pre-launch) or if anyone will be able to sign up. If you are quick enough to read this before the soft-launch, you may sign up for tagvillage right now through my invitation link.

What is tagvillage going to be all about, anyway? 

Like I already said, part of it is going to be very similar to Kooday. Those familiar with Kooday know that Kooday is all about buying/selling keywords and accumulating profit-share-credits from it. Once a week, users are paid based on how much profit shares they have. This is a very very basic explanation of what Kooday is and how it works, so if you want to know a bit more, you can check out one of my older posts on this.

Tagvillage is going to have a pretty much identical keyword buying program. However, on tagvillage, keywords are called 'tags' and the two terms are actually a bit different. Tags are more dynamic and encompassing than keywords. There is a great article on the difference between the two in this Facebook group (you might have to join it before you can find and read the article. It is also available on the tagvillage site, but I am not sure if non-members can access the page. You can still try by clicking here).
Just like Kooday, tagvillage is going to let users buy/sell tags and get profit share credits. Users will be paid every Monday. How much you make depends on how many profit share credits you have.

This is where similarities between tagvillage and Kooday end. Unlike Kooday, tagvillage is going to have a whole social network side to it, where members will be able to interact and earn points from doing different activities. These points are also going to go towards your weekly earnings. Basically, tagvillage will pay you for being an active member. I cannot give any more details about this right now because nobody actually knows yet how exactly this tagvillage social network is going to work. Once the soft-launch happens, I will be sure to post an update about my experiences and opinions on tagvillage.


  1. We can earn from Kooday and tag village. Such that these are social networking sites and by which we can earn points from doing different activities. These points are also going to go towards your weekly earnings.