Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tagvillage soft-launch problems *UPDATE*

As promised, tagvillage gave us an update on today's problems. As I suspected, the problems arose mostly because people were trading the same 'big' tags at the very same time, only miliseconds apart. The software could not exactly handle this properly, so what happened happened. Luckily, the tagvillage team says that it is an easy fix, but it's going to take them until Monday to complete it. And here is the most important paragraph in the update:

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please bear with us. This is not a fatal error. It is simply a bug in the communication between systems and can be repaired. However, we do want to make a few announcements. In the spirit of being fair to all our members, we feel it is necessary to flush the system and start Tag Trading over again from scratch. Because hundreds of people were not getting Credits for their sales, they could not participate fully in the trades of Tags that were important to them. Many people profited greatly, but others were unfairly excluded. THIS is not OK with our CEO. He feels aweful about that. While tagvillage is a place to make money, it is NOT a place for profiteering and unfairly excluding people with disadvantages.

So there you have it. On Monday, tagvillage is going to re-do the soft-launch from scratch. That is very good news for members like me, who lost most of their credits today.

Tagvillage only accepts new members through invitations right now, so if you want to join, here is my invitation link. New members will not be able to participate in soft-launch tag trading, however. They will have to wait a week until soft-launch is over and then they can start buying tags as well.

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