Friday, October 22, 2010

Kooday launch delay

Today was supposed to be the day when Kooday would launch some of their search engine features. The site did go down for a while, with a message stating that they were making some important updates to their database. However, when Kooday went back live, there wasn't a single change noticeable on the site. No promised facelift, no functioning search engine, nothing..

Less than an hour later, this message appeared on the front page:

"Houston we have a problem" ... sound familiar?

Kooday's new website will be delayed.

Kooday needs a few more days to get this right. An update will be given late Monday or early Tuesday. The weekend will be used to determine a solution. We are on top of it and there will not be a long delay to get this fixed. In the mean time the site is back as usual. Mark will be available to receive calls again on Monday after he has been updated with information from the programmers. Thanks for the patience and understanding.

So there you have it. Now all we can do is wait until Monday/Tuesday to see what happens.

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