Friday, October 15, 2010

Kooday payment for October 14

Another week, another Kooday payment received!

I've written about Kooday a bunch of times already, so if you're still not familiar with this program, you can find more information by reading this post. This is pretty much a general overview of how it works. However, some major changes are coming this month. First of all, the search engine is set to go live on October 22. This is the moment all of us active Koodayers have been waiting for. The site will also be getting a facelift soon. That's good, because it really needs one. The "Sign Up" page looks really shady and I can't imagine how many people decided not to register on Kooday because it just looks like a scam. At last, they decided to re-design it. Good. Another bit of news is that Kooday will be switching to a new Profit Sharing Plan, which will be based on what words you own, not how many. In other words, you will earn way more if you own words that the incoming advertisers will want to link their sites to. So owning the phrase "paid survey sites" will make you much more than "Britney Spears", theoretically.

All of this is explained in much greater detail in the News section on Kooday. However, it's only accessible to members. I highly suggest you sign up and check out the News archives because they come straight from Kooday's founders and do a much better job at explaining how Kooday works than I ever will. You don't have to pay anything for signing up. You only pay if you decide to participate in Kooday and start buying keywords.

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