Monday, October 18, 2010

UniteTrade investment

Today I made my first investment into a High-Yield Investment Program, or HYIP as they are commonly called. I've been learning about HYIPs for a bit now and it's no secret that some of them are scams. So I did some thorough research beforehand and picked a company that has been tested by websites that specialize in testing HYIPs. The company site itself has badges from HYIP monitoring sites that are keeping an eye on it:

You can see those yourself if you visit their page.

The company is called UniteTrade.

They have 2 investment plans:

  1. 120% return after 7 Calendar days ($5.00 minimum investment)
  2. 150% return after 14 Calendar days ($100.00 minimum investment)

Since this is my first HYIP investment (and since I'm pretty broke right now), I made the minimum possible investment of $5:

All I got to do now is play the waiting game and watch my money work. I will be updating regularly to show you my experience with these guys.

If you are interested in trying this out for yourself, then go ahead and register.

They accept AlertPay, LibertyReserve, Perfectmoney, and SolidTrustPay. If you are not registered with one of these services, then don't worry, it's easy. Just pick one you like most head over to their website. I personally use AlertPay. - 120% After 7 Days

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