Monday, September 27, 2010

Get to Kooday Gold fast

September 30th is on Thursday. You know what that means, right? Kooday will finally take the "Snapshot bonus". In one of my previous posts, I explained why exactly Kooday's "Snapshot bonus" is the most exciting money making opportunity available to anyone who has internet access. But to quickly summarize why, here is a bit of info from Kooday's FAQ:

For each Profit-Share-Credit a member possesses at time of Snap-Shot they will be eligible for $1.

Example: If you had 33,000 Profit-Share-Credits then you qualify for $33,000

For each Gold-Credit a member possesses at time of Snap-Shot they will be eligible for $100.

Example: If you had 1500 Gold-Credits then you qualify for $150,000 plus $50,000 for Profit-Share-Credits.

So, if you really want to cash in with the bonus, then you want to reach Gold status (50,000 PFCs). You only have 3 more days to do it, but it's not impossible. Just need some serious time effort and work. Trust me, though, it should be worth it.

So here is how you can get to Gold fast:

One of the main goals for a user is to have a lot of PFCs, because they determine how much of Kooday's profits the user will get (just like in any business that lets people invest). One of the best strategies to do this is to buy a new keyword that no one owns and buy it from yourself over and over again until its value goes up to $19.xx (don't recall the exact amount of cents).  Since you are buying from yourself, it will take you $9.xx to build the word up to the $19.xx value (as opposed to actually spending $19.xx on a word valued at the same price). This will get you 1075 PFCs. And come the 30th, you turned your $10 bucks into $1,075 with the Bonus. Not bad, huh? Just make sure the word is an actual, real world and not a made up one. If Kooday's site crawlers can't find your word on any site on the internet, then it is not counted towards the "Snapshot". 

When you get to 50,000 PFCs, you become a Gold Member. Gold Members make much more from PFCs. The next level after Gold is Diamond. As with Gold, PFC earnings increase. Sorry, though - there is not enough time for you to get to Diamond. But Gold is still realistic!

So if you want to get started, head this way:


PS: You will need AlertPay to participate.

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