Sunday, September 12, 2010

What happens after the "Snapshot Bonus" + conference call recordings with Kooday owners

I came across this bit of Kooday news while browsing the web this morning. It explains how exactly people will be paid their "Snapshot" bonuses. I was going to highlight the most important bits, but after a second reading, I have to say that all of this info is pretty important, so you won't be wasting your time reading it.

"1. PSC, Gold, and Diamond will no longer exist. This was a weekly profit sharing system that was only designed for the pre-launch site. The purpose of the "snap-shot" is to freeze your current status and establish a long-term payout to "buy out" your position in the Beta Test. There is a pre-set cap for the maximum earnings a person can achieve in each level. So, a Diamond can earn a maximum of $5,500,000 while a Gold can earn a maximum of $550,000 and a PSC can earn a maximum of $50,000.

The actual amount payable to you, based upon your level at the snap-shot time, will be placed into your Beta Buyout Bonus (or "Snap-Shot Bonus") and you will get a weekly payout until your balance is paid down to $0. This weekly payout will fluctuate. Like the weekly Profit Shares we currently receive, it will be based upon a percentage of the total profits from the site each week. So, do not expect a constant, steady weekly payout. Some weeks it will be very big, some weeks it will be very small. Most of the time it will be a medium rate based upon your level at snap-shot time.

2. Your existing keyword inventory will transfer with you into the new, permanent account system that will govern post-launch membership. You will still be able to buy/sell keywords and earn advertising revenue from them.

3. Your existing PP and AP funds will transfer with you into the new, permanent account system that will govern post-launch membership. You will not lose access to these funds. After all, they are your monies.

4. There will be a newly established weekly profit sharing system. This system will not be based upon the earning of PSC, Gold, or Diamond points. This system will NOT be based upon the buying and selling of keywords. Instead, this system WILL be based upon the ownership of popular terms that generate advertiser interest. Members will now earn profit sharing points on a weekly basis for buying and holding onto very good keywords that generate advertising revenue. Useless, worthless keywords that do not attract advertisers will NOT earn profit sharing points. This is what is meant by the expression "popular keyword bonus" that Mark has been alluding to."

So there you have it. I'm still on 7,000+ Profit Share Credits, so i really need to hurry up if I want to maximize the amount of my bonus. Hit the banner if you want to join.

And here are the conference calls if you are interested in what the owners of Kooday have to say. Pretty much everything you wanted to know about Kooday gets brought up.

For the latest call, go here.

8/30/2010 call is here.

8/25/2010 call is over here.

First call, from 8/22/2010 is here.

There you go, plenty of material for you to digest. But don't wait too long if you want to make the "Snapshot Bonus" cut. It'll be taken before September ends.

I realize that all my posts have been about Kooday so far, but this is the most exciting money maker I'm part of right now. I will diversify my posts soon and tell you guys about other places online where you can make some bucks.

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