Friday, September 24, 2010

This week's Kooday payout proof

Another week, another payout! I finally got my refund back from PayPal and was able to re-invest the money back into Kooday through AlertPay, allowing me to get rid of the negative balance and finally continue to buy keywords. I managed to boost my number of shares to a little over 11,000. It still isn't even close to Gold (50,000), but a $11,000+ "Snapshot bonus" after a $200 initial investment does sound very nice.

But anyway, my personal payout for the week was small compared to Golds and Diamonds:

The good news is that I can now buy keywords again, making it possible for me to increase the amount of shares.
O yeah, and my keyword value went up as well. It's now well over $300:

Very nice. 
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  1. Yes, My $20 investment has grown to over $30. I looking forward to the Sept 30,2010 Snap-Shot-Bonus. I understand it could be as high as your purchase-Share-Credits. What a fun & profitable program.
    Bob K.

  2. Indeed, Bob! The next few months are going to be very interesting.