Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kooday payout from 2 days ago +"Snapshot Bonus" info

So I received my Kooday payout on Thursday. If you don't know what Kooday is, you can find out here. Kooday pay outs are every Thursday and here is what I made:

It's not a lot, but I am not expecting a lot because: 1) to receive a good cut from profit shares, I need to reach Gold level first (50,000 profit share credits), and I am currently on 7,000+, so work needs to be done. And 2) real income will start coming in once the search engine actually goes live in a month. People will start using it, so members who own the most frequently searched terms will receive bonuses. Also, advertisers will start paying me to link their websites to the keywords I own. They will be paying 50% of the keyword's actual value, so it's a good idea to boost up the price of my keywords by buying them from myself (this saves money). Like this:

Here's another point. I've invested around $200 into buying keywords on Kooday. Here's proof:

And the current value of all my keywords is much higher than this amount:

So basically if I just sit back and let other members buy all my words, I will make a $50+ profit from my initial $199 investment. Not too bad, huh? And I'm only a small time player. Members that have reached Diamond status by now (the highest possible status) have keyword values that go into thousands. So if you can afford to play with the big boys, I wouldn't wait.

And here is another reason why I wouldn't wait - the "Snapshot bonus". This will take place right before the search engine goes live, so approximately at the end of the month (September). What will happen is that every person who is an active Kooday member and owns any number of shares will have his/her number of profit share credits recorded at that point in time (like taking a snapshot, get it?;). This 'snapshot' will later be used by Kooday to reward its pre-launch members by giving them a special bonus - each profit share credit in their account will be counted as $1.00. I currently have over 7,000 profit shares..

So if the 'snapshot' was taken right at this moment, my Kooday snapshot bonus would be equal to $7,595. Not bad, huh? Invest $199 and get $7,000+ back in a bonus. I am planning to reach at least 15,000 profit share credits before the 'snapshot' is taken in order to increase my bonus amount. The guys with Gold credits and Diamonds credits are looking at even crazier money. I listened to a recording of a conference call with one of Kooday's founding members (I will post links to the calls later). He said that Gold and Diamond members are looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of potential bonus money. But, as he mentioned, all of this largely depends on the success of Kooday as a search engine at launch. Their plan is to grab 3% of the market, which might seem like a small number, but there is still big money involved. We are talking millions.. The good news is that the team behind Kooday is confident that they will be able to grab that piece of the market because there already is a lot of buzz about this. Just look at their Alexa rankings.

So yeah, if Kooday is a success, there is some serious money to be made. You might make a case that it's a risky investment, but I say that all signs are pointing at Kooday's success. I'm willing to gamble my $200 away with Kooday if I am pretty much set to make thousands from this site in the long run.

If you are interested, click the banner and join in.

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